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Manage your operations more effectively with advanced telematics system for UBI purposes.

SparkT is a fully-featured, modular white-label UBI platform that uses real-time sensor data from various devices to track and analyse driver behavior and measure vehicle performance.

With the use of bespoke algorithms we can:

Evaluate events such as accelerating, speeding, braking, cornering

Prepare precise score of every trip and user

Create personalized advices that inspire drivers to improve their driving skills

SparkT system helps insurers to optimize costs, gain competitive advantage and create new insurance products based on vehicle usage and behavioral data.

How insurance companies can create competitive advantage with SparkT telematics platform?

Financial profits

New marketing and sales opportunities


Low-Risk Drivers acquisition (risky drivers avoid UBI products) and profitable customers portfolio creation

Reduced frequency and magnitude of claims

Improved claim validation

Better accident reconstruction

High customers retention

Improved brand awareness (with UBI app clients see the company’s logo every day)

Network community creation around Insurance Company (via for e.g. gamification)

Customers’ loyalty and engagement enhancement

New effective direct sales and marketing channels

Encouraging Better Driver Behavior - experience shows that the fact of having telematics installed encourages people to drive less risky

Quick feedback from the system helps to eliminate most dangerous events

Telematics data are a hidden strength you haven’t turned into a revenue stream yet.

With us you can change it.

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Use telematic data and driver’s profile to offer usage-based insurance (UBI), where the policy price is calculated individually for each driver.

Two main UBI approaches:

01 Pay-As-You-Drive:

Premium depends solely on driven distance / time

02 Pay-How-You-Drive:

Premium depends on individual driving habits and behaviour, including multiple criteria, such as:

Hazardous events (speeding, harsh accelerations/ cornering / braking, relation to other vehicles on the road)

External conditions (weather, road conditions, time of day)

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